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Biltmore Art Collection Video

Biltmore Art Collection

Over 23,000 books reside in the Biltmore’s Library as George W. Vanderbilt III explored a wide range of subjects including art, architecture, travel, nature, animals and history. The Biltmore® For Your Home Collection by Artaissance is comprised of close to 400 images taken directly from the pages of Mr. Vanderbilt's prized book collection.

Accompanying each exclusive piece of art is a Certificate of Authenticity, assuring your image is from the Biltmore Library Collection.

Selected images from the Biltmore For Your Home Collection:

Artwork: "Classical Chair Acorn/Sky"

Outer Frame: Biltmore #522831
Top Matboard: Chocolate Suede #B4213
Fillet: Biltmore #122831
Middle Matboard: Country Blue #C144B
Bottom Matboard: Chestnut #A4934

Artwork: "Ironwork Tile, Stone"

Frame: Biltmore #422831
Top Matboard: Sprout #C1127
Middle Matboard: Chestnut #A84934
Bottom Matboard: Sprout #C1127

Artwork: "Un Souvenir"

Outer Frame: Biltmore #522830
Inner Frame: Antica #406362
Fillet: Biltmore #122830


Artwork: "Plate, Orange"

Frame: Biltmore #622830
Top Matboard: White #A84901
Middle Matboard: White #A84901
Bottom Matboard: Sweet Potato #B878454

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