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The Inspiration

Larson-Juhl was honored to have the opportunity to enjoy a behind the scenes visit of George W. Vanderbilt's home and its vast art collection, including a warehouse on the grounds that houses hundreds of antique frames, not currently on display. It was on this intimate tour that Larson-Juhl's designers were first inspired to create a line of fine, custom frame moulding, inspired by Biltmore.

The Vanderbilt's great appreciation for fine art is evident in their selection of pieces displayed in their home; portraits by acclaimed artists such as Albrecht Dürer, Giovanni Boldini and John Singer Sargent adorn many of Biltmore's walls.

Larson-Juhl designers were especially intrigued by the artwork of Pierre-Auguste Renoirs, located in the Chippendale Room. These frames, surrounding the two Renoirs pieces became the cornerstone of Larson-Juhl's first Biltmore frame collection. The antique frame's unique, robust profile and aged patina directly influenced the collection.


Another space that caught the attention of Larson-Juhl designers was Biltmore's grand Billiard Room. The intricately coffered ceilings, rich, dark leather furnishings and of course, the priceless artwork, framed in classic, slender Ebony frames, featuring Gold detailing, set the stage for this collection.

It was the vast and beautifully landscaped grounds of Biltmore that inspired Larson-Juhl designers to bring a bit of Vanderbilt's appreciation for the great outdoors inside. The intricate rose gardens, unique use of exotic plants and organic layout of this prized property laid the groundwork for the Acanthus leaf design of the Olmsted collection.

Most recently, the Larson-Juhl Design Team's attention was caught by the magnificent tapestries gracing the walls of Biltmore House. It was these detailed works of art, combined with some of the most ornate architectural details found throughout the estate that inspired the fourth Biltmore branded custom frame collection, Tapestry.

Through these designs, the Biltmore legacy continues today, and modern homes can bring a bit of Biltmore elegance into their own decor.

Biltmore Design Inspiration

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